Rainbow Meditation

Rainbow Meditation

Oil 16 x 20



Funny CatFunny Cat, the Lady and the Moon. Oil, 4 inches square.View LARGER.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve

Oil 18 x 36



Blue Nude. OIL 30 x 40 SOLD

Cat's FriendCat's Friend. OIL 24x30 $120. See a View  View LARGER

Nude 7Nude 7 OIL 30x40 $250

Joshua RavenA Raven at Joshua Tree Nat'l Park OIL 16x20 $150

Two WaterlilliesTwo Waterlillies OIL 8x10 $50

Cardiff Lagoon

The Cardiff Lagoon at sunset. OIL 5x7 with handmade frame $90

Afternoon Sails

Feeling the Freedom of the Wind

Original Oil 5x7  $25

SRF Lotus

SRF Lotus Gate. Founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF has had an iconic presence in Encinitas since the 1940's. Original acrylic 5x7 SOLD

Dream Dancers

Dream Dancers

Digital Print mounted 11x14


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A 1938 Studebaker Coupe Express was the inspiration for this painting. Original acrylic 5x7 $48

Pick up

"Pick up a couple of chicks" original ACRYLIC stretched canvas... 8 x 10.... $52 VIEW

The Treehouse. This 115 year-old Monterey Cypress accepts its human family. OIL 5x7  SOLD

1929 Model A Roadster 5x7 acrylic

1929 Model "A" Roadster - Acrylic 5x7 with handmade frame $50 -VIEW